CV for Kasper Warmdal Filstrup

Kasper Warmdal Filstrup

Lead Frontend Developer
UI/UX SME at Capgemini Sogeti Danmark A/S

Frontend developer with focus on performance and maintainability.

With a natural interest in frontend technologies - and an eager to learn attitude - I strive to deliver innovative and complex solutions as simple and easy to use as possible.

With eyes on the ball and with great respect for business decisions and goals, shipping great code with excellent performance is a personal virtue.

With professional experience in sales, web design (UI), back- and frontend development, I have a lot of useful knowledge about everything from business decisions, to the user experience and a deep insight into the technical aspect of any online project.

As result of my broad experience, and as I've navigated through various seas of personas from all of the above stakeholders, I've gained a general understanding of what agendas could be at play in a project or any cooperation, and act accordingly.

Core skills

  1. JavaScript
  2. React
  3. Vue.js
  4. Node.js
  5. API's
  6. Progressive Web Apps
  7. UX & UI
  8. Cloud
  9. MongoDB

Drive & Evolution


As a person, I'm extremely curious when it comes to technology. Ever since I was little, I've had Gadget Mania™

As a frontend developer, I navigate in an endless ocean of ever changing technology;
– Browsers gets updated almost daily
– New features arrives
– Old features deprecates.
– New frontend frameworks springs up almost as often as browsers update these days.

Without my natural born curiosity, I would have failed this profession years ago.

Professional evolution

I started as a sales rep for one of Denmarks largest web agencies and moved my way up to first being a graphical designer for the clients solutions, and ended in a leading backend developer role.
After that, I started my own company with a couple of old coworkers, and spend a couple of years learning a lot about business as well as figuring out more about my real core values. (an 80 hour work week wasn't one of them)

After that I've been assigned to a fancy agency in central Copenhagen, affiliated as a freelancer for a couple of companies in Startup Village in Copenhagen (Graduateland and, senior frontend developer for Denmark's largest toy retailer TOP-TOY, and currently, I'm a senior consultant for Capgemini Sogeti Denmark.


Selected projects

Optimizing and developing new features for DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) live center.
The live center enables the various editors of DR to create events with live video streams from sports and other newsworthy events, enabling the users to engage in the stream of updates through a moderated comment area.

Technologies used: JavaScript, ASP.MVC, Azure

05-2018 - 06-2018

Santander Consumer Banking Denmark

Winner of CMS Website of the year 2018 award at Episerver Ascend 2018.
Complete frontend for car loan application flow.

Created with Vue.js on top of Episerver rendered content to create a “Single Page Application like” experience, whilst maintaining the editorial freedom of the CMS.

Technologies used: Vue.js, SCSS, Webpack

02-2017 - 04-2018

Frontend development of DSB's online ticket sales to support the new unified national zoning system launching in January 2017.

Travel search and ticket basket handled with React and Reflux.

Technologies used: React.js, Reflux, Less, Gulp

09-2016 - 01-2017

Toys"R"Us & BR Legetøj

Maintaining legacy frontend code and adding new omni channel features.

Technologies used: Less, AngularJS, Grunt

08-2015 - 08-2016


Cloud based and clustered surveillance SaaS to gain a competitive edge over close competitors.
Two Node.js based systems amounted the core of the system — One to serve the user interface as well as communicating through websockets to the second system — Another to run scheduled jobs to gather information about competitors products, and alert the first system through websockets when/if competetitors product prices changed to the clients disadvantage.
Both systems connected to a Google Cloud SQL.

Technologies used: NodeJS, Google Cloud SQL, Digital Ocean droplets, React.js, Reflux, MaterializeCSS, Websockets


Complete frontend development, component system and interactive "poster-builder" application, with ImageMagick CLI and an AngularJS frontend

Technologies used: ImageMagick, AngularJS, SCSS, PHP, GruntJS, jQuery, Bourbon + Neat

08-2014 - 01-2015

Kræftens Bekæmpelse

Frontend for desktop site as well as separate mobile site + async navigation pattern

Technologies used: Less, PHP, GruntJS, jQuery, BootstrapCSS

01-2013 - 02-2014

Mads Nørgaard

Complete frontend development

Technologies used: SCSS, PHP, GruntJS, jQuery, Bourbon + Neat

2013 - 2014


Married to Julie - two sons named Balder & Willi.
Hobbies are few, but family, TV series, delicious food, tasty red wine and great company keeps me above water.

Born: October 27th 1982